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Nadine Shah

Back with a new label – the inaugural release on EMI North – Filthy Underneath chronicles a period of unprecedented turbulence in Nadine Shah’s life. And yet, the experience of listening to it is oddly life-affirming – a parade of ghosts spanning the entirety of Nadine’s thirty-seven years, moving with balletic beauty to the music that Nadine and long-time collaborator and producer Ben Hillier have created around them. 

On the album’s sensational lead single "Topless Mother", her double-tracked harmonies converge with a physically irresistible groove which locates an improbable equidistant point between outright pop and The Creatures. Inspired by a series of comically tense exchanges with a counsellor, the song alights on her counsellor’s unorthodox tendency to burst into tears if she felt she wasn’t getting anywhere with her patient, the chorus trip-switching into a free-associative list of three-syllable words. The tone here is never less than no-fucks-given celebratory, an instant fan favourite to rub shoulders alongside her best.

Filthy Underneath will be released February 2024.